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DevOps is a deeply technical subject of which those in business roles typically have little understanding. As such, I can’t launch into a post on the business value of DevOps without first providing some context and an explanation as to what it is. I’m sure you’ve heard the refrain:

“Every business is a software business”

Whether you agree with the above statement or not, it is now very clear — digital disruption is real. …

Photo by Rhys Kentish on Unsplash

The world is going mad for digital transformation. Organisations that historically have little experience in software development are now building self-service apps and digitised services — ranging from banking and financial services, to apps for digital TV, ordering dinner, providing metrics on your golf swing, storing your drivers licence and even allowing you to use the lift at work.

It is clear that Marc Andressen’s “software is eating the world” quote from 2011 has come to pass. The big problem however, is the quality of much of that software.

Poor quality software = brand and reputation damage

High-quality software is sadly now the exception rather than the rule…

Bart Thomas

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